Private Real Estate Lending Services

Borrowers Can Count on Us to Perform When the Need for Quick Capital Arises

Efficient Execution Is Key to Our Business Model

We have been a trusted source of fast real estate debt capital for many years. Our experienced team specializes in every kind of real estate property transaction, delivering skilled underwriting and swift closings that make us an industry leader. Our efficient execution is the key to our volume and brand.


Graham Mortgage is committed to providing borrowers with access to real estate debt capital, even for transactions that traditional lenders may not consider.


We have been a top player providing responsive debt capital to the Dallas market and producing reliable results for more than 30 years.


Our expertise lies in acquiring income-producing properties and certain land secured by first liens in major Texas markets. With this approach, we strive to uncover profitable investment possibilities for our clients.

We Tackle Challenges Traditional Real Estate Lenders Do Not

For over three decades, Graham Mortgage has provided real estate debt capital in Dallas/Fort Worth and major Texas cities. We specialize in income property loans exclusively — no mezzanine loans or equity ventures. Our efficiency is what sets us apart from other lenders: we offer competitive volume with a trusted name brand.


Our quick underwriting and approval helps buyers of properties close quickly with assurance, enabling them to trade aggressively with sellers.

Discounted Payoffs:

We have helped many borrowers either buy back their own notes from existing lenders or buy notes on properties that have defaulted or have been discounted for a variety of reasons.

Cash Out Loans:

These loans are considered on income properties only.

Time-Sensitive Loans:

With “renowned reliability” as our official tagline, you can rest assured that you’ll experience remarkable speed and surety when closing.

Auction/Foreclosure Fundings:

Please call to discuss these funding options.

Lending Programs

Our private real estate lending solutions and construction loans are specifically tailored for each borrower’s unique situation, and we partner closely with you through every step of the process.

Traditional Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

We offer loans for traditional income-producing commercial real estate secured by First Lien Deeds of Trust.

Credit Tenant Construction Loans

We offer funding for up to 100% of cost-on-credit, single-tenant, build-to-suit projects with lease terms of 10 years or longer.

Construction Lending

Construction lending is limited to small ($2.5 million and under) retail, single-family, and townhouse construction in major Texas markets.


Confidently and quickly secure traditional commercial real estate bridge, credit tenant, and construction loans with Graham Mortgage. Our promise to you is unparalleled reliability — with swiftness and assurance at closing.

Loan Sizes

With no minimum loan size, we comfortably quote loans up to $5 million.

Property Types

We offer funding for most income property types, including apartments, shopping centers, storage facilities, mobile home parks, and warehouses. On a limited basis, we also offer funding for residential land, commercial land, and smaller office properties.

Loan Terms

Our typical loan terms are two years, interest-only. There are also upfront and exit fees. Interest rates, fees, and recourse are adjusted based on the risk profile, credit profile, and LTV. Loans are pre-payable with a minimum interest provision.

Interested In Private Real Estate Lending Opportunities?

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