Construction Lending

Realize the Potential of Your Construction Plans

Construction Lending for Small Projects $2.5 Million and Under

Take your project to the next level with construction loan financing from Graham Mortgage. Our loan programs allow you to maximize your investment returns and realize the potential of your construction plans. We provide competitive rates, so you can have confidence that you are securing the best possible loan for your project. 

Our construction lending capabilities are limited to small retail projects, single-family dwellings, and townhouses in major Texas markets. Yet, we offer a variety of loan programs at attractive rates and terms that could provide substantial savings on construction costs while increasing ROI.

Your Go-To Construction Lender in Texas

We offer construction lending optimal for projects valued at $2.5 million and under in major Texas markets, such as retail and single-family housing. If you’re interested in construction lending, these loan solutions can help you secure an attractive rate while maximizing your investment returns. 

With Graham Mortgage’s construction loan products, you will have access to reliable customer service, advanced technology tools, a broad array of customized financial solutions, and extensive construction experience. Plus, our seasoned team of construction lending professionals are skilled in helping you achieve the most favorable funding solutions and best terms savings available.

Bring Your Construction Project to Life

You have the blueprint, now you just need the funding. Bring your project to life with a convenient construction loan. Our experienced construction lending professionals are here to support you every step of the way and guide you toward long-term success with your project.

At Graham Mortgage, we make construction loans accessible with our efficient and streamlined approach. Whether you’re working on a short-term construction project or a long-term development plan, our reliable financing and excellent assistance will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Enjoy long-term flexibility and peace of mind knowing your construction loan is backed by reliable financing from Graham Mortgage.

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