Rounding off the first quarter of 2023, here is a new ‘GMC by the Numbers’ update. Graham Mortgage has been a private lender for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on being the consistent and reliable source of capital that brings confidence to your choice. This has been true since 1978.

GMC benefitted from a pullback by regulated lenders in Q1. We had the fortune to see healthy deal flow and close good loans. We are grateful to be in the Dallas and Texas real estate markets and able to pick the deals with the best real estate and credit.

• 100+ years of combined underwriting and investor relations experience.
• In the last 10 years: Over $492 million of total production in 345 loans from 2013-2023.
• In 2023: Over $16 million funded in more than 11 loans to date.
• Multifamily: Over $117 million funded since 2008.
• Retail: Over $82 million funded since 2008.
• 7 dedicated staff for production, closing, and servicing.
• Missed closings: 0 is always the goal.

Please keep Graham Mortgage in mind for bridge loans, small construction / development loans, and single-tenant credit lease construction financing